DIY Candle with Essential Oils

I am a candle lover! So much that I actually used to be a candle distributor a few years back. Once I started my journey for a healthier lifestyle I decided that my favorite holiday candles (from that one store) had to be no more. After looking into it, there are so many things in candles that are emitted into the air for you to breathe in that you shouldn't be breathing in (nor should your little ones!) I have found some great soy candles that I do love but thought I'd make one for myself using some of my favorite essential oils. 

I picked up some soy wax and soy wicks from a local craft store and had a cute empty jar from and old Anthro candle.  I decided I'm ready for fall so went for a fall scent.  

I added 6 drops of each 
Black Spruce
Cinnamon Bark

The first thing you do is add the wax pieces to the jar and microwave it for 1-2 minute increments. (You could also use the oven if you choose) As the wax melts you need to add more.  Once the jar was full and the wax was completely melted, I took the jar out of the microwave and added my oils and set the wick in.  Once it sets it's ready to burn!

This was such an easy DIY I'll be making a lot more..and pretty cost effective too! You would want to adjust the oils for the sizing of the jar though! Enjoy! 


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